The Final Hurrah #bcm325

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DA Blogs :

1. Retail vs E-com

2. The Covid Impact

My digital artefact explored the future of retail with the rise of e-commerce in the long term future of 10-20 years. This curiosity stemmed from the threats I had observed from my role as an Assistant Manager for a Surf Dive n Ski store , and the threats of e-commerce and the added impact of COVID-19.

E-commerce and COVID-19 in a way teamed up, Covid-19 stopped people from being outside therefore people had to turn to E-commerce for there desired wants and needed essentials like food. From clothing, food, super centres and discount outlets all forms of retail were impacted by people having to stay home. E-commerce however made all of this accessible to consumers, diminishing the need for people to attend the big centres and shopping malls. For retailers this obviously isn’t ideal. As a retail worker, Surf Dive n Ski stores in NSW remained open the entire way through COVID-19, which meant I saw first hand stores begin to shut, unknown on a re-open date or if that was going to be the case. At one point it was us and 20 other stores in Westfield Miranda that remained open out of 438 stores and services for two months.

With this in mind I crafted my final DA was crafted into 2 blogs covering two different topics in relation to both of these observations. The relevance to users was that it was to encourage discussion around the topics and raise awareness into the deeper issues into how covid-19 has changed our lifestyles. 

Articles such as COVID-19 Impact on Consumer Behaviour and Retail vs. E-Commerce: The Future of Shopping were the sources I turned to most for my blogs, in adding to data and putting into perspective the reality and the full extent of COVID-19 impacts on the retail industry. 

Throughout the semester the subject screening really snapped a further understanding into the type of future I was imagining. The movies that captured a dystopian environment like Ready Player one and Blade Runner. I used the live-tweeting to engage other students who could be the potential audience I was trying to connect with for social utility in that they may be in the same field of work (retail). I found this to be successful in trying to further my feedback loop. Here are some of the times I used this : 

I had more views on my DA blogs through this, the second tweet that was retweeted 3 times and received 4 likes had my WordPress then viewed 19 times that day. Twitter was also the platform I shared my blog posts for my DA. 

To conclude, I really enjoyed working through my DA blogs, taking on feedback from my Pitch and Beta from peers and overall the experience in researching a topic I had passion towards and could make it my own. It was a great way to conclude my University journey in creating my own content with the objectives to engage a public audience, with learning and developing different paths in how to do this. The future of Retail in the long term seems to be on the track with what my digital artefact has laid out, however future can also be unknown and I will be curious to see it’s turn out. 

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