Tweety bird #BCM325

As far as attendance goes, the start of this semester was a little rocky for me in trying to get my work schedule in check. My tweeting was therefore non-existent but I finally got the hang of it and let me tell you its genuinely one of my favourite parts in my week. My Thursday mornings now consist of pilates, come back with coffee in hand, pop on the couch, set up the screening, popcorn for breakfast and away we go.

My approach to tweeting has been to be informative about the movie, humorous to some degree and craft ideas whilst engaging with fellow peers who both share similar or different views on the screening.

Here are the past 2 weeks of tweets, which is what I have been able to attend thus far. First up :

Week 4 : Blade Runner 1982

Here are some of the examples of where I was able to share informative pieces of information about the movie that I had pre-generated prior to the live-tweeting.

I began to sustain this type of writing where I would share a fact and then add my own opinion to spark conversation amongst my peers. You can see here this one didn’t gain much or any reaction, but there was a comment which was a start!

I then began to follow through on sharing my own ideas on the movie.

Then brought in my DA.

I noticed that other peers were doing this, and after some in-depth thinking I found that there were connections for my own DA.

I really enjoyed my first live-tweeting experience as it was the first time that I felt since prior to covid-19 times that I was really able to communicate and bounce around ideas with those studying the same degree. It was such a a free thinking space where we were able to react to one another, share ideas, showcase similarities and differences in our perspectives. I kept hitting refresh every few seconds to see the latest and it was so constant. Here are some examples of where I did this :

and reacting and retweeting to others :

These tweets were only a snippet of that week and as I said previously I really enjoyed my first live-tweeting experience, I was excited to take this to the next coming weeks and take what I found was successful and build upon the quality of discussion with peers.

Week 5 : Ghost in the Shell 1995

I began pre-generating once again and did some background research prior to the screening with the help of lecture content also.

This week’s screening was quite hard to first understand as this genre from what I gathered wasn’t myself’s or anyone really cup of tea. The animation style and different themes really took people by surprise in being able to connect with the movie. I researched after seeing numerous tweets about the confusion going on and found a text to help both myself and others.

This was retweeted twice.

I then began to see this theme of memories, which I added conversation to.

With a use of a poll

Ghost and ghosts were obviously part of the title and a dominant theme of the movie as it referred to the notions of an individual’s mind or soul and featured many philosophical scenes that explored humans relating to computers, and meant that a ghost was the protective case and attached to the body. I played on that them of ghosts in a few tweets.

this next one was a hit

The end of the Tweets for this time round.

The next lots shall look very different as attendance is full steam ahead!

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