How will Retail Therapy Change? #BCM325 PITCH

Here is the video to my BCM325 Pitch :

I have decided to do the Future of Retail – long term (10-20 years). As explained in the pitch it will focus on the threats to the retail industry that has come from the rise in e-commerce and impact of COVID-19. It will be a three part blog series posted right here to my word press, and shared through my twitter. #BCM325.The relevance for users is that hopefully it will encourage discussion around the impacts of E-commerce on retailers and  raise awareness around the deeper issues of COVID-19 int terms of its change to lifestyles.

Here is another look at my production timeline :

I want to make the blogs, informative, entertaining and create meaning around its two focuses with the help of both primary and secondary resources. When I say Primary resources I want to use Twitter tools like polls to strengthen the research and gain insight from users.

My twitter handle : stephjoryy


References to the two sources I used during the presentation :

Mros, SM, 2020 Ecommerce vs. Retail – Article on Contrado, Published March 19th 2020, Viewed March 19th 2021

Standish, JS, COVID-19 Impact on Consumer Behaviour – Now Next news Article, Published May 28th 2020, Viewed March 19th 2021

4 thoughts on “How will Retail Therapy Change? #BCM325 PITCH

  1. Hey Stephanie,

    I thought your pitch was really interesting and the topic you’ve chosen is very relevant to today’s society, as the eCommerce market is slowly but surely taking over the retail sector. I think it’s important to note the number of ways you’ve managed to link your topic back to the weekly topics we’ve been studying. Throughout your project, I would definitely love to see you delve deeper into the topics such as; changing patterns of society and the study of future predictions. I’ve found this resource that I believe will be relevant to your future studies on this topic. This resource by Contevo provides multiple facts and statistics about what happened to the eCommerce market whilst going through the height of the COVID-19 period. I thought this resource would be relevant to your research, as you can make comparisons and trajectories of what could possibly happen to the retail/eCommerce market in the next 10-20yrs.
    Best of luck with your project!


  2. This was so entertaining to watch! You really have seen it all during your time in retail. I’m keen to see this come together!

    You’re so right, it is scary to see what the future of shopping could look like. Online shopping has been made to be easier and faster then ever – however, I believe, there is nothing like purchasing instore and having that face to face contact and help from the sales assistants. The impact of Covid on retail is very interesting to consider, has this had the biggest impact on retail or was it always going this way?

    I found this blog super entertaining to read – I think you should continue with this format! your use of humour makes it entertaining and left me wanting to read more! the use of Twitter questionnaires is a great idea, have you considered using your instagram stories as a means to reach more people/ engage with more people?

    How the COVID-19 Pandemic May Change the World of Retailing is a great article that looks at this covid impact further. It looks at the two extremes – Panic buying and not buying at all. Panic buying is something to consider.

    Considering you have worked through the whole pandemic, and continue to, your perspective is valuable. It would be good to get primary data from others within the Surf Dive company – even head office and analysis the online purchases during this time.

    I look forward to seeing where your DA goes! Great work!


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